about us

Shanghai gathers treasure mountain area in Shanghai City that the industry limited company is located on transportation convenience too much, always be absorbed in the mold piece design, development which turns to prepare to make integration building product and solution and produce, my department owns development ability and item experience of the technique advantage of lead, for domestic and international several hundred customers provide a high-quality product and serve, is domestic lead of the mold piece turn building supplier.The company provides to gather to pack building for the customer, the special kind gathers to pack, gather to pack a mold piece to wait a series of product, extensively applied at the machine, petroleum, chemical engineering, electric power, troops etc. realm.
    My department own independent import and export management power, the product has already sell to North America, Australia, South Africa, Southeast Asia waits nation and region, and get numerous customers approbation.
    The company owns many experienced and high character management, technical personnel, the excellent number controls an equipments, good technique, perfect in time of after-sales service, promised the stable development of Qi industry, let our products quality get a guarantee, also make our products more professional to turn, rationalization, humanized, systematize, insured us in the profession of lead position.
    The target of company with customer need for lead first, constantly carry through to contribute efforts to the customer of principle of management, the usage CAD/CAM, machine electricity the integral whole turn a technique, cautious and conscientious concentrate on a new product, new craft, lately technical research development, with superior quality of product, reasonable of price, in time of time of delivery, the loyalty serve in domestic and international each customer!
    In the meantime, the company returns to provide height profession to make to order a service for the customer and request to tailor for the customer person an equipments according to the customer.
    We wish to provide the top-grade product, top-grade service to each customer of high regard, for the economy space of produce of customer, lift high-efficiency, lower production cost.Again, Shanghai gathers industry limited company too much and all employees sincerely appreciate your support and love and esteem.